A close-up of "Yorokobi no Yado"!

    One of the attractions of "Kusatsu Onsen, Yorokobi no Yado, Takamatsu" is its great location - one minute walk to Otaki no Yu, and less than five minutes walk to Kusatsu Onsen symbol "Yubatake." You can stroll around the hot spring town in casual yukata and enjoy good quality hot springs from the source, which is why this is a popular hot spring site where hot spring lovers gather from all around! We are going to show you the attractions of this "Kusatsu Onsen, Yorokobi no Yado, Takamatsu" where hot spring lovers gather♪
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    Please experience relaxation in abundant hot spring!

    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    "Yorokobi no Yado, Takamatsu" draws its hot spring water from the source "Yubatake," said to be the highest quality hot spring source among numerous Kusatsu Onsen springs.
    The discharge temperature is very high, between 55 degrees to 95 degrees Celsius, which is lowered by contact with natural air so that the concentration of the hot spring remains 100%!

    To be able to enjoy the hot spring without diluting it is so luxurious and great, isn't it ♡

    Dinner venues and meals to choose from 4 patterns!

    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    When you visit a hot spring town, enjoying meals of that region is also one of the true joys!

    "Yorokobi no Yado Takamatsu" offers venues and meals that can be selected to match varied wishes of the guests.

    1. Kirakutei
    A restaurant with open kitchen

    2. Kiwami
    A creative broiler grill restaurant where seasonal delicacies can be savored

    3. Kibouhou
    A buffet style dining room, situated at the top floor

    4. Meal in room
    Kaiseki banquet of the month

    The above four patterns of meal styles are available, so you can enjoy the meal of your choice♪
    Fresh ingredients purchased on that day are used, and each and every dishes are prepared with utmost care♡

    How to enjoy the spring in Kusatsu Onsen

    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    There are garden style open-air baths at large communal baths "Izumi" and "Megumi" where you can savor natural hot springs while gazing at beautiful sceneries of each season♪
    In spring, you can see beautifully blossoming cherry trees...♡
    And even in cherry blossom season, sometimes there are still some snow left in the mountain, so depending on the timing, you can enjoy spring cherry blossoms and lingering snow. To be able to enjoy both is one of the attractions that can only be experienced during this period!

    Enjoy relaxing time, surrounded by warmth and peace♪

    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    Hotel Takamatsu Co., Ltd.
    After warming your body in hot springs, and sating your heart and stomach with delicious meals, only thing left to do is to relax and rest at your room♡
    You can shed away your cumulative everyday fatigue by spending a leisurely time as you please◎
    You can also gaze at the mountain view from your balcony and have the luxury of toasting to that with an alcoholic beverage in the broad daylight◎

    Also, since you have come all the way to this hot spring on your trip, it'll be fun to take a walk and stroll around Yubatake area while munching an Onsen-Manju or Onsen-egg!

    Please enjoy Kusatsu Onsen in full♪

    How did you like it?
    Yorokobi no Yado Takamatsu" - where you can stroll around the hot spring town as well as enjoy hot springs, meals and wonderful sceneries of various seasons, engaging your five senses in full.
    If you like hot springs, or have never been to Kusatsu Onsen before, why not visit "Yorokobi no Yado Takamatsu" which is conveniently close to Yabatake.

    Let's heal your daily fatigue♪
    草津温泉 喜びの宿高松
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